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Use Pay Per Click advertising to reach those customers who want to buy your products and services right now! Make your company visible on line for when it matters most, the sale.

What We Offer

⇓ Google PPC Campaigns

Google is still the most popular search engine by far which makes it the perfect place to advertise your website and your business. Google Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts are show at the top of search engine results making them infinitely more likely to be clicked on then other advertisement. We can set up your own Google Campaign account, research the right keywords for your campaign, create the perfect advert and most importantly monitor its progress and show you the results.

⇓ Google Remarketing

Google's remarketing campaigns are used to show adverts to people who have visited your website, reconnecting them with your products and services. These campaigns allow customers to reach previous visitors and users who are more likely to follow the leads to finally making that purchase. This complex advertising scheme allows great returns on investment but requires an adept understanding of consumer behaviour. Take the headache out of your online advertisements and let Daffodil IT handle the whole process. Get a consultation

Should I use PPC?

⇓ Businesses That Can Utilise PPC

  • Online Retailers - PPC was made for online retailers who can put their products directly in front of consumers looking to buy their exact products, PPC was made for ecommerce sites.
  • Direct-Response Services - Service businesses can utilise PPC if they have strong calls to action with instant results, for example, adverts could be to call a free phone number, fill out a request for more information or download a document
  • Brand Advertisers - Businesses that want to improve their brand and get their image in front of consumers who will connect with the company and could buy at a later date.

⇓ Businesses That PPC May Not Work for

  • Non Online Businesses which cannot drive traffic to a website with value for potential consumers.
  • Highly Competitive Industries where businesses may simply be priced out of key word buying.
  • Unwilling Companies who will not invest in PPC administrators with the knowledge and experience, who will show the data to back up their work.

Why Daffodil Marketing?

⇓ Outsourcing

We offer PPC Manangement because we believe that outsourcing these services is beneficial to our customers. This is our business so we have the knowledge, the time and the expertise to manage this types of campaign quickly and effectively. This reduces costs for our clients and allows them to focus on the running of the business while we produce results to improve their trade.

⇓ Reporting

As with all our marketing services, you will recieve reports on all your PPC campaigns. We pride ourselves on showing our customers where they started and how we have improved things for them.

The Next Step

For further information on any of our products and services, or to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our customer service team. You can either call on 0345 200 1185, get a call back from a member of the team or if you prefer email fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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