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Digital Presence

In today’s world where people search for everything online, having a digital presence for your business is no longer an option but an essential requirement to grow and succeed in a competitive market. We have the knowledge and experience to build a strong online foundation for your business, allowing it to grow and thrive.

What We Offer

⇓ Domains

A domain name is the first thing that you need to get for your business to ensure a good online presence. A domain name is connected to your website but is a different thing. A simplified explanation of the difference: A domain name, is like the address of your home; web hosting on the other hand, is the actual building and the files and database of a website is the furniture and decoration within the house. Domains are simple but they are essential as many services such as websites and email address rely on them being in place. Here at Daffodil Marketing we have all the tools and experience to help you get the right domain name for your business.

⇓ Website

Your website is your business’s best friend. It’s the gate through which you can reach customers worldwide and introduce them to your products and services. Setting up a website is a vital step for your online presence and we can help you get the best website that matches the identity and spirit of your business.

⇓ Social media

An effective digital presence requires more than just a website and domain. People are increasingly using social media platforms to search for information and buy different products. Thus, growing your business through these channels is essential to reach the fullest potential of your digital presence. Our social media experts will identify the best social media platforms for your business type and invest in the right tools to help you reach the maximum audience.

⇓ Business Email

Using a generic non-business email such as (john@gmail.com or jane@aol.com) to communicate with your customers will not only make your business look inexperienced and unprofessional but also question the credibility of your company and whether it’s real or not. This is why having a business email linked to your domain is critical for your success. It will make your customers feel more secure to purchase your products or use your services. The best part? it’s not expensive and our team will be able to set it up for you in no time.

⇓ Email signature

Having an email signature is an important part of your company identity. It helps your business to look professional and provides instant brand recognition for your company. Our designers will work with you to create the best email signature that matches the look and spirit of your company.

⇓ Branding

A good brand plays an important role in the success of any business. It helps your company to be easily recognised, expands its reach and increases its sales, not to mention increasing the overall value of your company. Daffodil Marketing provide bespoke branding services for all parts of your business needs. Learn more about this in our Branding page.

Why Daffodil Marketing?

⇓ Knowledge & Experience

We are experienced marketers with years of knowledge and experience in this field. We’ve successfully established an online presence for many companies around the UK and we are positive of our ability to build a great foundation for your business in the online world.

⇓ Our Technical Skills

Our parent company, Daffodil IT, is an experienced IT support provider, giving our team the perfect combination of innovative and high-quality design skills and technical expertise that allow us to get services like domains and business emails up and running with ease.

The Next Step

For further information on any of our products and services, or to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our customer service team. You can either call on 0345 200 1185, get a call back from a member of the team or if you prefer email fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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